November 19th, 2020 - 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Rockin’ Reflex for FDK to Grade 3

Liz  Jones-Twomey is back.  Many of you attended her primary writing/assessment workshop and/or her “Catch a Brain Wave” music and movement workshop and know what valuable information she provides.  Now Liz has created a webinar called Rockin’ Reflex.  If you attend this webinar which will be offered via Zoom, you will receive 4 video downloads that you can use in either the bricks and mortar or remote classroom, along with the corresponding handbook.  For more information on Liz see the information below or visit her website (Kids Move) for additional resources that can be purchased.
The link to register has been provided, but please note if you sign up and cannot attend you must let Kim Finlayson know by Tuesday, November 17th at 4 pm or you will have to refund the Local the cost of the workshop which is $25 before you will be allowed to attend any further PL Sessions.  Rockin’ Reflex Registration  Registration closes Tuesday, November 17th at 4 pm.
If you have any further questions contact me.
Kim Finlayson
PL Chair, President
ETFO Avon Maitland OT Local