November 30th, 2021 - 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Reading Comprehension Assessment

The ETFO AMDSB Occasional Teachers’ and Teachers’ Local invite you to take time to add some tools to your toolkit and attend a workshop with the talented Jodi Regier.
This virtual session is focused on the assessment of reading comprehension. It will provide an overview and examples of how to follow some specific expectations in reading comprehension across multiple instructional contexts, from developing learning goals and success criteria, through to writing report comments (appropriate for Primary/Junior/Intermediate).
This workshop will take place on Tuesday, November 30th @ 4:30 and last about an hour.  If you are interested please use the following link to register by Friday, November 26th.  The Zoom link for the workshop will be sent out the week of the event.
PL Cancellation Policy 
Members who cancel after the workshop registration has closed will need to pay $25 unless there is a waiting list and/or the vacancy is able to be filled.
Money can be sent via the courier or an e-transfer can be arranged.
Members who have an outstanding cancellation fee will have future registrations canceled and will not be allowed to attend workshops until the outstanding fee is paid.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Kim Finlayson                                     Lindsay O’Reilly

PL Chair, President                             PL Chair
ETFO OT Local                                   ETFO Teachers’ Local