September 26, 2018

Smartfind update: Not all absences need approval

As you are aware, last year the board made changes to the SmartFind procedure, which added an approval process to absences.

Through discussion and the grievance process, we have been working to resolve this issue with the board.

It is ETFO’s position that the Collective Agreement clearly delineates which types of absence require approval and which do not. Those which ETFO advises do not require approval are:

12.07 Professional Activity Time

12.08 Change of Assignment

19  Sick Leave

21.02 Bereavement Leave

21.04 Quarantine, Jury Duty, or Witness Duty

22.02 Adoption Leave

22.05 Partner Leave

23   Inclement Weather

26.02 Intermittent Union Release Time

32.04 In-School Professional Development (PD) Committee

Again this year, we would advise members to complete the SmartFind Express entry for these absence as they have done in the past. Members are not required to complete the “Absence Comments” section when entering one of the types of absences noted above, nor are they required to discuss these absences with their administrator.  

With regards to concerns about delays for the call out, we have been told by the Board that Sick Leave entries will be placed in the call out system automatically and will not need to await the approval step prior to an OT being booked.

Laura Inglis-Eickmeier

Avon Maitland Teachers’ Local