April 13, 2021

Return to Remote Learning

Good afternoon,

Based on today’s (April 12) announcement that there will be a return to online learning, it is ETFO’s expectation that Monday, April 19 will be a pivot day similar to Monday, January 4. Members should not have to use their delayed March Break to plan for the return to remote learning.

Additionally, ETFO has requested that the member vaccine lists by school, created by the board, be shared with ETFO once they are complete. ETFO’s expectation is that any members who will return to in-person learning to support students with complex needs on April 19 will be included on these lists.

Furthermore, it is ETFO’s expectation that all timetables for any members returning to support students with complex needs on April 19 will fully comply with all Collective Agreement requirements (e.g. 40 minute uninterrupted lunch; 240 minutes of prep time; and, maximum 80 minutes supervision per five day cycle).