September 28, 2018

Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resources

On the  eve of Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct 1-7) ETFO is announcing the release of a free, online resource for educators called Everyday Mental Health Classroom Resource.  The resource can be accessed at: .


This resource has been co-developed by School Mental Health ASSIST and ETFO over the past two years.


It has been designed to provide K – 8 educators with evidence-based strategies to help develop the social and emotional learning skills of students in the following areas:


–          Stress Management and Coping Skills;

–          Emotion Identification Skills;

–          Positive Motivation Skills;

–          Relationship Skills;

–          Self Confidence and Identity Skills; and

–          Executive Functioning Skills.


These activities were informed by ETFO members and field tested by ETFO members. In addition ETFO members were involved in a research project to determine the efficacy of the activities.


We would like to thank the many ETFO members who participated in the development of this resource.