June 21, 2021

ETFO Summer Organizing Training Series

Our Summer Organizing Training Series registration is open. These workshops are applicable to all members who are interested in getting organized to defeat the Ford government in the next election. Please feel free to share this on your local social media pages.

1)      July 21 – Where’s the Power (90 minutes) – This will be a session on mapping power and identifying activists and leaders in diverse communities. Participants will learn the importance of building broad and deep community support. Registration closes on July 16, at 12:00 noon.


2)      July 28 – Effective Conversations with Members (90 minutes) – This session will teach how to have conversations about the importance of public education in an election context with members and the community. Participants will be involved in role playing scenarios that will give them the skills to help navigate difficult conversations with the public. Registration closes on July 23, at 12:00 noon.


3)      August 4 – Canvassing 101 (90 minutes) – Participants will be guided through the different forms of voter outreach. Participants will learn how to canvass communities virtually, go door to door and how to phone bank. Registration closes on July 30, at 12:00 noon.


Each session will begin at 10:00 a.m.

Registration for all the organizing trainings are open. Click the link to sign up today!


Should you have any questions, kindly contact one of the below Organizers:

Aminah Sheikh, asheikh@etfo.org

Bob Hall, bhall@etfo.org

Joel Smith, jsmith@etfo.org

Munib Sajjad, msajjad@etfo.org