February 4, 2021

ETFO Celebrating 10 Years of Full-Day Kindergarten in Ontario

ETFO is pleased to share a new research report written by Dr. Gordon Cleveland, Emeritus Associate Professor of Economics from the University of Toronto, titled “Ontario’s Kindergarten Program: A Success Story. How We All Benefit from Quality Public Full-Day Kindergarten.” 

The report was commissioned by ETFO on the 10th anniversary of the introduction of this ground-breaking Ontario Kindergarten program in response to statements made by political leaders suggesting potential reforms to the Ontario Kindergarten program. Dr. Cleveland was asked to assess the impacts of these potential reforms on Ontario’s Full-Day Kindergarten model, and on the children and families who benefit from it. Dr. Cleveland has reviewed, analyzed and synthesized evidence from a wide range of studies in Canada and other countries to perform this assessment.  To read the Executive Summary or Full Report follow the following link (https://etfo.ca/link/FDKsuccess).

Celebrating 10 Years of Full-Day Kindergarten in Ontario Video

ETFO has released a new video to celebrate 10 years of Full-Day Kindergarten in Ontario.  This is an important milestone for our teacher, occasional teacher and DECE members and this video recognizes and celebrates this important event. (https://youtu.be/kDYt40mu4JY)

Little Children, Big Learning 2021 Pamphlet

ETFO has revised and is re-releasing the Kindergarten pamphlet – Little Children, Big Learning. This pamphlet highlights the current learning model for Ontario’s Kindergarten program, with a teacher and designated early childhood educator working together as a team.  Ontario’s Kindergarten program was designed by education experts, and it has proven to be a successful learning program, a model for other jurisdictions to follow and a fundamental piece of our world-class education system. #KindergartenWorks.