January 30, 2023

Staffing News and Important Dates

February 15 = Deadline for Voluntary Transfer

March 1 = Notice to remain on recall list, Deferred Salary Leave Plan Application,  Leave of Absence Request for 1 Year and Extension of                     Leave of Absence 1 Year

March 31 = Notification of teachers “Surplus to School” and Notification of teachers “Surplus for District Reasons”

April 15 = Notification by Director of “Surplus to School” or “Surplus for District Reasons” status

May 15 = Deadline for communication of Voluntary & Administrative Transfers and placements of surplus teachers

May 31 = Deadline for notification to retire effective June 30 or August 31 and Termination notice to redundant teachers

June 22 = Right to return to school up to June 22, Posting of vacancies occur up to June 22, and Initial timetables provided by                                        administrators

Last Day = Tentative timetable, approved by Principal, provided to teachers