April 24, 2024

May 7, 2024 AGM and Local Elections

Dear Members,
Our Local constitution states that our Executive must include 7-9 Members at Large.  6 Members at Large were acclaimed after the nomination period.  This means that the following article of our constitution applies:

Section 2 – Nominations (Executive Member at Large Nomination Form)

9.2.3      Notwithstanding the above, nominations duly moved and seconded and with the consent of the nominee, shall be accepted at the Annual Meeting only for positions for which no nominations have been received.  This shall not preclude a candidate from dropping down to stand for another position.

We will be seeking nominations for the 3 available positions as Executive Member at Large at the Avon Maitland Teachers’ Local AGM, on Tuesday May 7 at 4:30 at the Mitchell Golf and Country Club.
Nomination forms are attached to this email, and will be available at the meeting.
Should more than three people choose to stand for election, candidates will have the opportunity to address the annual meeting with a speech lasting no longer than 3 minutes.  Election procedures will follow the constitution.  As per the constitution, campaigning will be limited to the giving of the speech.
What is the role of an Executive Member-at-large?
The constitution states that:
7.2.7      The duties of the Executive members at-large shall be to:

                a)  uphold the constitution, bylaws, and policies of the Union Local;

                b)  attend to the business of the Union Local;

                c)  attend all regular Executive meetings; and

                d)  attend Union Local general meetings and functions.

Executive meetings are held 8 times a year.  Six of the meetings are held in the evening, two are held during the school day and executive members are released from their classrooms to attend.

Barb Maschke

Grade 3/4
Upper Thames
Pronouns: she, her
ETFO Executive Member
ETFO Election Committee Chair