Bill Ritsma New Teacher Award

The Bill Ritsma New Teacher Award may be granted to a maximum of three new contract teachers and each shall receive $100 and a certificate. This award honours the memory of Bill Ritsma who passed away early in his career.


  • nominees must be active ETFO members
  • nominees must be in their first two years of permanent contract teaching
  • nominees must demonstrate high standards of personal and professional ethics
  • nominees must make a significant contribution to the school through active involvement with staff and students

Nomination Procedure:

    1. Nominations must be made by members through the school’s Union Steward.
    2. Nomination forms must be returned no later than April 28, 2022.
    3. Nominations are processed by the Local Awards Committee.
    4. Nominations should be accompanied by a description of the nominee’s involvement in relevant school activities and projects, as well as letters of recommendation from various sources.