AM ETFO Election Information 2024

Good Afternoon Members,

Here are your candidates for the AMETFO 2024-2026 Executive:


Laura Inglis-Eickmeier (Acclaimed)

Vice President

Darrell Uhler (Acclaimed)

Collective Agreement Officer

Drew Macaulay (Acclaimed)


Lindsay O’Reilly (Acclaimed)

Executive Member At Large

Krista Ehgoetz (Acclaimed)

Kim Finlayson (Acclaimed)

Tina Hildenbrand (Acclaimed)

Jason LaRoux (Acclaimed)

Barb Maschke (Acclaimed)

Lindsay Stewart (Acclaimed)

Thank you to all our candidates!

The Elections Committee

Barb Maschke

Grade 3/4
Upper Thames
Pronouns: she, her
ETFO Executive Member
ETFO Election Committee Chair