March 21, 2019

Wear Red for Ed

This Friday Wear Red for Ed
March 21, 2019
Last Friday, the Conservative government announced deep cuts to public education. The government’s plan includes larger classes for grades 4-8 and high school, changes to hiring practices currently governed by Regulation 274, underfunding and downloading services for students with autism, and a number of other cuts that will negatively impact students and educators. In addition, the government is still considering making drastic changes to Full-Day Kindergarten.
ETFO has taken a strong stance against the government’s attack on public education and will continue to campaign for smaller classes, fair hiring practices, our current model of Full-Day Kindergarten and broader investment in public education. ETFO’s public campaign includes advertising on TV, radio, newspaper, billboards and in digital and social media.
As an ETFO member your participation in our collective actions is critical. Below are three things you can do right now to show your support for public education and your opposition to the government’s plan.
Wear Red for Ed – Every Friday starting March 22, 2019
We are asking our members and allies to wear Red for Education every Friday moving forward. Please spread the word to your colleagues. This is an easy way to show your support and solidarity and start a conversation about public education in your school and community.
Tell the government you don’t support larger classes
Having successfully defended class size caps in Kindergarten and grades 1-3 we are asking members and allies to contact the Minister of Education and their local MPP to let the government know that you do not support increases in class size in grades 4-8 and high school. To get started visit:
Tell the government you support fair hiring practices
In response to proposed changes to Regulation 274, we have set up an action on Members are invited to send a letter to the Minister of Education and their local MPP. The letter calls on the government to maintain Regulation 274, and insists that it provides a fair, consistent and transparent hiring process for long-term occasional and permanent teaching positions.
We will keep you updated as more actions are planned across the province and we welcome your ideas, energy and creativity in defending public education.In solidarity,
Sam Hammond
Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario