April 30, 2019

OSSTF Files Notice to Bargain

OSSTF Files Notice to Bargain 
In a previous eNewsletter, members were advised that the government had amended the possible timing to give notice to bargain for the 2019 round of collective bargaining. While bargaining legislation allows education sector unions or school board associations to provide notice to bargain on or after June 2, 2019, the government’s regulatory amendment allows notice to bargain to be provided earlier – on or after April 29, 2019.
ETFO has been advised by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) that it served notice to bargain today with employer bargaining agencies, including the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) and the Council of Trustees’ Associations (CTA).
The following are answers to questions you may have about this development.
What is “notice to bargain”?
The collective bargaining process begins with a notice to bargain, which is a written notificationgiven by either the union or the employer requiring the other party to start negotiations to renew a collective agreement.
Who can give notice to bargain?
In Ontario’s public education sector, only the parties identified in the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act (SBCBA) can give notice to bargain. Those parties are employee bargaining agencies (unions) and employer bargaining agencies (school board associations).
Can the government give notice to bargain?
No, it can’t. While the government is required to participate at central tables, the SBCBA does not define the government as a “party” to central bargaining.
Why has OSSTF decided to give notice to bargain on April 29, 2019?
ETFO does not comment on the bargaining strategy of other unions.
When is ETFO giving notice to bargain?
For strategic reasons, ETFO does not release information about its bargaining decisions in advance. However, please be assured that you will be notified promptly about any bargaining-related development through this Collective Bargaining eNewsletter.
What is ETFO doing to prepare for bargaining?
ETFO has been actively preparing for bargaining since the start of the school year. ETFO’s goal setting process for the 2019 round of collective bargaining includes member surveying and approving the Federation’s bargaining goals.
A special meeting of presidents and chief negotiators takes place on May 9, 2019 to approve the lists of items to be presented at ETFO central bargaining tables.
Where can I get more information about bargaining?
In addition to receiving ETFO’s Collective Bargaining eNewsletter, use the following options to stay informed and engaged:
ETFO’s Collective Bargaining website includes a Contact Us feature where you can ask bargaining-related questions. Click here to access this option.
ETFO administers a member-only Facebook group about collective bargaining. Click here to join the group.